Continuous Professional Development


Teaching is not a facile task as many of us think. It requires teachers to spend substantial time to test out new ideas and approaches, assess their effects, adjust their strategies at times and assess them once again in order for their thoughts to reach all students and thereby make learning more meaningful. Professional development is the need of the hour and can no longer be viewed as an event that occurs on a particular day of the academic year, it must rather be embedded in the daily work routine of the teachers.

CPD, as the name suggests, is the series of In-house and Outdoor Faculty Training Programmes our teachers undergo from time to time. The main objective of this programme is to enable the Teachers to transact the curriculum in a refreshing manner and to update the developments in Teaching – Learning methodology.

Programmes Conducted


 Live Stimulation Satellite Rescue

17th August will be turned into a hub of activity as the teachers will be attending professional development programme by the NASA, Challenger Center. Its a stimulated problem based learing via distance learning technology( with the use of Internet and Videoconferencing equipment).






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