• The High Range School was established in July, 1985. The School is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi). It was conceived and set up primarily for the benefit of the children of Tata Global Beverages employees residing in and around Tea Valley, Munnar. It also embodies the Company’s desire to help to mould young minds of our children in the finest traditions of good all round education, a matter of national concern.
  • It is located at Mattupatti, 9 kms away from Munnar Town. The School is non -residential and the medium of instruction is English. Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil are also taught. It imparts educa­tion from the Lower Kindergarten up to the Higher Secondary Classes. Plus Two Classes started from the academic year, 1992.
  • The unique High Range location provides a natural environment that will enable the school not only to concentrate on high academic performance in the class room but also inculcate a love of nature and qualities of physical and mental endurance in its student. It also stimulates leadership qualities as well as awareness of school and civic obligations. The School lays stress on the development of multi denominational, spiritual and moral values considered essential for balanced growth.
  • A unique feature of the school is that its students are drawn from widely differing social and economic levels in the community, working and inter-acting in a public school environment. (The students of the school are children of Workers, Staff, Managers and some outsiders including Government officials.) In doing so it seeks to build a more egalitarian basis for social and personal growth devoid of divisions of class, caste or community. The vision that motivates the school is to turn out young students well equipped to face the challenges of pursuing excellence in different fields when they eventually move to centres of higher learning elsewhere.

    To create a culture of excellence with value based learning. To equip the child with qualities that would ensure global preparedness.

    • The mission is to provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.
    • The school joins with the parents and community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.
    • School is committed to creating and maintaining an orderly, trusting, and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting and students are assisted as they develop responsibly.
    • All aspects of the school’s organization, curricular, and co-curricular activities are child centered and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success.

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