• The school has spacious and well-equipped laboratories for all the branches of Science - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition to providing the basic instruments for conducting practicals based on the academic curriculum, these labs also provide students with the required materials to do project work and prepare working models of experiments or objects of their interest.
  • Every year, the school organises a science exhibition wherein the students showcase their creations and also exhibit working models.
  • The school also possesses a well equipped and up-to-date computer lab with the latest hardware, providing computing facility and software requirements as per the CBSE scheme of examination. The entire lab is connected by a high speed Ethernet network. All work stations have 24*7 access to the internet, enabling students to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and happenings.
  • In order to support teaching learning process we have installed Tata Class Edge smartboard and software.
    • Audio Visual Lab
      Audio Visual Lab
      • The Audio Visual lab at the school has a massive collection of around 100 CDs and DVDs ranging on a wide variety of subjects. Some tittles include-National Geographic maps, National Geographic 109 years of magazine (spanning a period of 1910’s to 1990’s), BBC Earth Story, Britannica Encyclopedia of Physics & Chemistry, History of India, story of historical legends like Napoleon, Nefretti, Alexander, educational CDS by Tata Energy Resource Institute, rhymes, folk tales, stories, world tours, etc. Apart from this teachers use their own presentations and personal software to enhance the learning process.
      • we have TATA CLASSEDGE Iin 7 classrooms which is an innovative and comprehensive educational solution from Tata Interactive Systems designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations.
      • Based on the Multiple Learning Experiences Mode,CLASSEDGE helps to enhance students' social and thinking skills along with ensuring a thorough understanding of the curriculum content
      • we also have, an online educational support system for students. It is based on NCERT curriculum for classes VI to XII equipped with Mind Maps, Smart Learning Modules and Test Centre and installed in our Audio-Visual Lab.
    • Biology lab
      Biology lab
      • Biology is a broad subject, to make the study of this complex subject exciting and fascinating our school is equipped with one of the most sophisticated laboratories. The biology lab is equipped with many facilities and features to aid the students learn and understand biology easily. The lab is very spacious and can accommodate more than 40 students at a time. It is equipped with a wide range of instruments beginning with the simplest tools like preserved specimen of organisms, slides, microscopes to the most sophisticated incubator. The incubator helps the students grow bacterial cells under sterile conditions and aids them investigate about a number of different organisms, and there are about 20 compound microscopes that enable the children to complete their experiments with ease. And also an overhead projector assists the teacher to display texts and diagrams that help the students grasp ideas easily and quickly, and the seating arrangement is made such that the presentation on the screen can be seen easily from any part of the lab. The laboratory makes the learning experience in school more interesting, enduring and fascinating.
    • Chemistry lab
      Chemistry lab
      • The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with all the necessary apparatus and chemicals as per the CBSE norms. Students of classes VI to XII do demonstrations and practicals here in accordance with the syllabus. This helps them to get first hand information of scientific concepts and also enhances their skills and curiosity in exploration. We have got a computer with net connection for sourcing educational information. We use educational CDs for effective teaching and guide students to do investigatory projects like vermicompost, soil testing etc.
    • Physics lab
      Physics lab
      • The High Range School Physics lab, equipped with good quality equipment and highly qualified staff caters to the needs of all the classes. Classes upto 10th std carry out their practicals in the lab. The science students of classes 11 and 12 do their theory as well as practicals in the lab, so that proper demonstrations can be made using transistors, capacitors and other such equipment for a better understanding of the topic. Experiments in the lab are explained to and done by students with care given to intricate details, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future.
    • Computer lab
      Computer lab
      • Entering into the world of technology is always fun for the HRIANS. The computer lab is equipped with the latest systems – with LCD monitors as well!
      • The Ez-Vidya style of computer education for classes I to VIII makes computers really fun. It is truly an interactive and effective method to promote the study of computers among young minds.
      • 24 hours of Internet facility has made the computer lab the busiest spot at HRS. Internet in the lab has become an excellent source of information, especially for kinds who don't have net at home.
      • The computer lab is frequently updated for the HRians to have the best and latest technology.
    • Maths lab
      Maths lab
      • The CBSE introduced Maths lab in the schools to make the teaching and learning of Maths more activity based and experimentation oriented. It provides a joyful learning experience for the students as they get concrete learning experiences. They construct an in-depth understanding of the concepts taught in the class. The activities carried out in our Maths Lab tend to drive the Maths phobia out of the students. It helps the children to see the applications of Maths in their day-to-day activities. The lab activities help the teachers for continuous comprehensive evaluation of the students.
      • The Maths laboratory has brought much fun in the learning process of mathematics - a subject that once brought butterflies into the stomachs of many children. It has tools and equipments that helps in the easy understanding of various concepts. It enables the practical leaning of arithmetic concepts. Mathematic laboratory is a fun place to allows students learn the subject through charts and models that illustrate mathematical ideas and concepts and internalize the fundamentals through concrete situations. This encourages students to think, reason, and visualize things rather than just memorizing formulae.
      • A Math Corner has been introduced in front of the Math Lab to encourage students to solve challenging puzzles that are put up every week and the responses have been overwhelming.
      • A Puzzle Corner has also been introduced for the Primary school students to encourage hands on activities.
    • Robotics
    • Butterflies field kit
      Butterflies field kit
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  • The High Range School possesses a spacious, well stocked library which houses more than 14,000 volumes of books and 30 periodicals & journals with a computerised catalogue. In addition, there is a wide range of educational DVD's which help the students enhance their knowledge. The library is also equipped with a 24*7 internet connection to keep the students abreast with the latest news and developments. Students are encouraged to borrow books on a weekly basis. Our librarian often organises 'Topic Quizzers' where children participate enthusiastically. Students are also encouraged to write book reviews. Book fairs are conducted by the scholastic book club, where the children get an opportunity to purchase books. The encouragement and enjoyment of reading is the basic aim of this service. The books are of excellent quality and represent good value for money. Students and parents also make voluntary contribution of books towards the library from time to time.
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  • The School Transport System is backed by its fleet of 11 buses that cater to the needs of the students in and around Munnar. Arrangements are made in such a way that the buses reach all the estates and more importantly the students have a comfortable journey all the way to the school and back home.
    • Bus Starting Points
    • Periakanal Estate
    • Vaguvarrai Estate
    • Yellapatti Estate
    • Nyamakad Estate
    • Yellapatti Estate
    • Letchmi Estate
    • Kallar Estate
    • Pullivasal Estate
    • Athukad Estate
    • Munnar Town
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