• The Old Students Association of The High Range School, gets it name from the french word 'Camaraderie', which means a feeling of friendliness towards people with whom you share experiences. Camaraderie has and will continue to stand by its name in years to come!
  • Since its inception in the year 1998, Camaraderie has been very active in terms of giving back to the School whatever its members learnt from it. It has promoted a sense of attachment amongst all the Old & Ex-students. The association keeps a record of all activities, achievements and latest whereabouts of all its members and renders advice, especially to out-going students about the challenges and problems of the material world.
  • It has infact given support in strengthening and improving the school in various spheres and especially this year, with its alma mater completing 25 golden years of its existence, has shown its full support by gifting a website to its Dear Old School. The OSA has funded the entire development and hosting of the school website.
  • alumni overview

  • Membership
  • All persons, who have studied in the High Range School for at least a period of 3 years (Ex-Student) and those who have studied in the school for a period of 5 years and have completed class XII (Old Student), shall be considered eligible for membership into ‘Camaraderie’.
  • Management
  • The PRINCIPAL of the High Range School, Mattupatti, shall be the PATRON of the association. The Vice- Principal / Dean of Studies of the High Range School shall be the Vice-Patron of the Association. The entire management of the association, the attainment of its objects and the supervision of all business connected with its affairs shall vest in the ‘MANAGING COMMITTEE’ consisting of the following Office Bearers.
    • Patron
    • Vice-Patron
    • President
    • Committee Member - 1
    • Committee Member - 2
    • Staff Advisor - 1
    • Staff Advisor - 2
  • The PRESIDENT of the Association shall only be an Old Student, who will be nominated by the PATRON of the Association. COMMITTEE MEMBER -1 and COMMITTEE MEMI3ER -2 shall be representatives from the Old Students and the Ex-Students respectively, nominated by the PRESIDENT of the Association. STAFF ADVISOR - 1 and STAFF ADVISOR - 2 will be members of the Teaching Faculty of the High Range School, Mattupatli, who shall be nominated by the PATRON of the Association. The STAFF ADVISORS 1 & 2 shall undertake the responsibilities of TREASURER and SECRETARY respectively.
  • The members of the committee are empowered to co-opt additional members as may be deemed necessary to form sub-committees for the management of different branches of the association.
  • The General Body Meeting of the association shall take place on the Old Students Day which has been fixed on the 1st Saturday after the school re-opens, after the winter holidays.
  • Before the next Annual Meeting, if any vacancy occurs in the office of the Office Bearers or members co-opted, the Managing committee shall fill up such vacancies for the period. No business transacted by the Managing Committee during the period of the occurrence of the vacancy to its being filled up shall be deemed to be illegal for reason that the Managing Committee at that time did not consist of all the members.
  • The right to accept the resignation of an Office-Bearer shall be wholly vested on the PATRON of the Association.
  • Any Office-Bearer of the Association may after the period of 1 (One) year or after resignation, be eligible for re-nomination.
  • Every office of the Managing Committee will be Honorary.
  • Functions of the Office Bearers
  • patron:

    The Patron shall preside at the General Body Meeting of the Association. The Patron shall have a casting vote to make final decisions in the affairs of the committee in case a difference of opinion.
  • vice-patron:

    In the absence of the PATRON, the VICE-PATRON shall undertake all the duties of the PATRON.
  • president:

    • To supervise the affairs of the Association
    • To preside at the meeting of tle managing committee, general meetings other than the Annual General Meeting.
  • staff advisor - 1:

    • To manage all the affairs of the Association.
    • To convene the meetings of the Association and to give notice there to the members
    • To place all necessary matters for discussion before the Managing Committee.
    • To execute and cause the execution of the decision of the Committee.
    • To preserve all the properties, records and documents of the Association.
    • To sign the bills and receipts of the Association in the absence of the Treasurer.
    • All correspondence to the Association shall be send to the following address.
  • staff advisor - 2:

    • To receive subscription and give receipts.
    • To compile accounts regularly.
    • To send balance-sheet to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting.
    • To sign bills and receipts.
    • The Bank A/c shall be operated jointly by the Patron, Secretary and the Treasurer. In the absence of either, the Patron will sign jointly with either the Secretary or by the Treasurer.
  • student representative:

    They shall help to co-ordinate the functions and programmes of the Association with those of the School. They also shall co-ordinate, assist, guide and suggest in all activities of the committee and organisation.

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