• It gives me great pleasure to note that the High Range School is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year. It has rendered great service to the community of Munnar. The school has done outstandingly well and that has been reflected in the annual examination results in recent years. The achievements of the school in setting such brilliant standards are inspiring.
  • The school must also help its students build character and be fearless. The future of India depends on the young people of our country and from the school they must set forth with a strong commitment to values in life.
  • I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to the entire staff of the school for leading the Institution to great heights and to the employees of the company and the people of Munnar for their continued support and encouragement to the institution, which has achieved a position of pride amongst various other institutions serving the High Range.
  • The school will continue to foster knowledge, understanding, application and skills in children. In this endeavor, if innovations and novel ideas are the pathways, then the students of HRS will have an assured place in all their future endeavors.
  • I wish the school great success in the years to come.
  • R.K. Krishna Kumar

  • My colleagues at Tata Global Beverages, KDHP and I are very proud of the High Range School, and everything that you have achieved over the past several years. In particular, I admire the focus that the school has brought to achieving excellence in academics, which is at the heart of any educational Institution.
  • Focus is very important, in academics and in life. If you study the careers of people who have achieved great success in their careers, you will see the extraordinary focus they have brought to pursuing their goals. Look at Sachin Tendulkar, and reflect for a moment on the discipline and extreme focus he brought to playing the game of cricket. While he is a very talented person, it is this focus which made him a truly great cricketer. Look at Mahatma Gandhi, who focused on the pursuit of independence for India, and dedicated his life to liberating our country.
  • Closer home, consider the career of Mr. R.K. Krishna Kumar, who retired as our Vice Chairman earlier this year, after five glorious decades of working with the Tata group. He brought relentless focus to pursuing ambitious growth for our Company. It is through such effort that he transformed the fortunes of the High Range and built a global Corporation that stands tall today. Indeed, the High Range School which all of you are part of is a product of his vision for the community in and around Munnar.
  • Therefore, I urge all of you to learn from these great people, and bring a very high level of focus to whatever you do – in your studies, on the sports fields, in extra curricular activities, everywhere. Focus will ensure that you excel. Focus will ensure that you never deviate from the big objectives you have set yourself. Focus will ensure that you realize your true potential.
  • I wish the High Range School all the very best, as it endeavours to grow from strength to strength, to achieve truly creditable results and to become an enduring hub of all round excellence.
  • Harish Bhat - Managing Director & CEO (Tata Global Beverages Ltd)

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