maths club

  • The Maths Club gives opportunities for Maths wizards to showcase their talents with numbers and symbols. The main objective of the club is to explore maths beyond textbooks and apply it in day-to-day situations. The club members conduct surveys on the much debated topics so that the students and teachers are aware of the HRian's opinions. The Club conducts competitions which gives opportunities for the students to solve puzzles and riddles. The club members are instrumental in organizing the Maths exhibition year after year. The brain cracking Maths club is truly doing a good job of inspiring the students and making the subject more interesting.
  • In an attempt to provide opportunities for experiential learning to the students, through fun-filled activities, the Club organizes a Sudoku Contest. An Annual Math Exhibition is conducted and the exhibits include different varieties of puzzles, logical games, models and charts. The tips to improve memory, take the cake!
  • The other activities conducted by the club include a Multiplication Contest for Classes IV and V, comprising of three rounds, written, scramble and oral. The Inter-House Quiz Competitions, with the various rounds like, Brain-storming, General round, Activity round, Test your Memory and Rapid Fire really helped in sharpening the math skills of the students.
  • maths club

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